Nigerians React to Chibok Girl Rescue, Ask these 9 Questions, See!

Nigerians React to Chibok Girl Rescue, Ask these 9 Questions, See!
Nigerians React to Chibok Girl Rescue, Ask these 9 Questions
Nigerians React to Chibok Girl Rescue, Ask these 9 Questions.
For over two years now, Nigerians have been expectant of the release of over 200 Chibok Girls reportedly abducted during WASSCE 2014 Examination in an identified Secondary school in the town of Chibok in Borno state, Nigeria. These expectations have been graced with more hope lately as one of the Chibok Abductees identified as Amina Ali was reportedly rescued by the CJTF arm of the Nigerian Military on Wednesday, 18th may 2016.  These alleged rescue has met a lot of controversies as Nigerians are confused over the various versions of the ‘rescue story’ by the military, the family and the Chibok community.
Here are nine most popular questions Nigerians are asking about the two rescued Chibok girls . . .

1. How did the girl escape from her captors?

Some Nigerians are curious as to how the girl was able to escape from her abductors after such a long time. If the insurgents were able to keep such a large group of women for over two years, how come one of them was able to escape?

2. Why can’t she speak English?

When it became known that the rescued girl couldn’t speak English, Nigerians took to social media to start asking questions. The rescued girl was an SS3 student preparing for the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) before their abduction. Some Nigerians are saying an SS3 student should be able to communicate in English or at the very least, Pidgin English.

3. Who rescued her?

When the report first surfaced in the media, Amina was said to have been found by members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), a vigilante group that assists the official security services in the fight against Boko Haram. Minutes later, the army claimed responsibility for her rescue, giving a different account of how she was rescued. An army spokesperson claimed Amina was among those rescued by Nigerian troops at Baale near Damboa.

4. How far were the CJTF from the camp in Sambisa where other 200 were being kept?

The rescued girl disclosed that the other girls were alive and being held in Sambisa forest, though she said six were dead. Some Nigerians want to know the distance between where the CJTF found her and where the others are still being held in captivity.

5. How many names does she have?

While the activist who found the girl gave her name as Amina Ali, the Nigerian army, in a confirmatory statement issued on Wednesday gave her name as Falmata Mbalala. But, when she was later taken to her school, the vice principal recognized her name in the school’s register as Aisha Ali. The army later issued a statement saying her name is Amina Ali.

6. Won’t displaying her jeopardize the lives of the other missing girls?

Some are of the opinion that her identity should have been kept hidden as displaying her as a trophy would jeopardize the lives of the others still in Boko Haram captivity.

7. Why is her abductor and serial rapist of a minor being referred to as her “husband”?

All media reports have been calling the man she was found with her husband. Some are wondering why a man who forcefully separated her from her parents for over two years, married her without the consent of her family and serially raped a minor will be referred to as her husband.

8. Is the second rescued girl one of the missing girls?

The army on Thursday announced that they rescued a second Chibok girl. She was said to be Serah Luka, who was among 97 women and children rescued earlier that day in the Damboa area of the northeastern state of Borno. However, a review of the full list of the abducted girls showed that there was no Serah Luka on the list.

9. If she was in JSS 1, was she also writing WASCE?

More questions popped up when the news that the second girl found was in JSS1 against the established information that only girls who were in school to take their WAEC examination was abducted. Since their abduction, all the reports suggested that all the kidnapped girls were SSS 3 students writing their final WASC examination at the Chibok centre.

The Boko Haram terrorist sect has been greatly weakened by military operations. Nigerian troops have been recording successes against the insurgents. However, the terrorists still remain dangerous. With the return of two missing Chibok girls, many are hoping thet army will find the remaining girls soon.

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