Profile of “William Jefferson” jailed for Bribing Atiku (Photo)

Profile of “William Jefferson” jailed for Bribing Atiku (Photo)

AISHA BUHARI SCANDAL: BIO / PROFILE OF JAILED WILLIAM JEFFERSON. A United States Congress Man – William-jennings Jefferson has been jailed for Seven 7 years now over Alleged Bribery of the Ex Vice President Atiku Abubakar during the Obasanjo-led Administration. The Story developed further Lately as Current Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari and Ekiti State Governor was Implicated in the corruption case. Read the Full Bio/profile of the jailed William Jefferson after the cut  . . .



William Jennings Jefferson was born on March 14 1947.

He was the US Congressman representing Louisiania’s 2nd Congressional District.

Party: Democratic Party

B.A Southern University in Baton Rouge
J.D Harvard Law School

Married to Andra Jefferson with five daughters – Nailah Jefferson, Akilah Jefferson, Jamila, Jalila, and Jelani.


He was convicted on a 13 count charge bordering on money laundering, bribery, and corruption. Of those convictions there was hard evidence that he gave Atiku Abubakar the then Vice President of Nigeria $500,000 to be able to secure a contract for American company i -Gate LLC, who had bribed him with $400,000 to secure contracts in Nigeria and Ghana, given his connections in those countries exchange for 10% shareholding in the company.

Through secret FBI recordings, he estimated the company was going to make about $200 million a year after five years operations, giving him a $20million a year kickback from stocks in the company. The FBI found $90,000 cash hidden in his Freezer. The US. Attorney-General at a speech announcing his sentencing said “This ruling shows that America is a country of laws, that even a high ranking Congressman is not spared.”

Jefferson was sentenced to 1year on each count with a total of 13 year sentence. He has currently served 7 years so far.

Meanwhile Atiku Abubukar his Nigerian counterpart, has gone on to build a University, enrich himself more, run for president, and even sponsor a current President to office. In summary, while Congressman Jefferson rots in jail for the late stages of his life, his counterpart in Nigeria, flies private jet, tweets to his numerous kids, and form “elderstatesman”.

Source: Nytimes

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