Leaked Video: “Before You Spit on Chidinma Okeke, Think Twice”

Leaked Video: “Before You Spit on Chidinma Okeke, Think Twice”

“Before You Spit on Chidinma Okeke, Think Twice”.

The Recent media trend fueled by the leak of the alleged “s*x tape” of the outgoing Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, has provoked several reactions, condemnations and comments from Fans of the beauty Queen.

One of such was penned by Eze Gabriel Chikwado, a Law graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
Read interesting piece below:

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Having taken time to analyze the recent Miss Anambra sex tape saga, here are my stands on it:
1. I have never and will never be a fan to the modus operandi of choosing the Mr and Miss whatever one wants to be. It does nothing but encouraging a lot of scandals. It’s a puff and sends negative impacts on the participants. The reasons are obvious : most of the participants have little or no knowledge of what they are doing as a result of poor orientation. Secondly, some get stuck half way and have no choice but to complete it, you can now imagine what a desperate person can do.
2. There’s no difference between the beauty pageant of a thing and gambling. It’s a glorified gambling, but people these days chose to be too economical with the truth. In view of this, I categorize it in the same line with betting, baba ijebu, try your luck, etc. You must have committed yourself a lot both in cash and in kind before taking part in the benefit. Having witnessed how the stuffs are done, you find out that at a stage the organizers already know the winner. Some times they sell a particular number to the highest bidder, the same way they declare the highest bidder a winner in the pageant of a thing. This most times elicit argument from the audience who from their sense of judgement may have thought that a particular individual should be the winner.
3. I don’t want to believe that it’s a means of promoting once business or idea. If I may ask, what form of idea or business are they promoting? Maybe there’s something business about it which I don’t know. It’s better to call it by its name, I want to make money by using innocent souls as bet to get people. To me, anything that does not educate or impact positively on the youths is not worth sponsoring. The sponsors to this type of thing already knew what they will gain. It’s quite pathetic to know that people do not expend their money where there’s nothing to gain from it. In this regard, except your loved ones who have no intent to defile you most of the big men demand one form of sexual satisfaction or another, in that you have nothing again to offer them.

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  1. Anthony Uju

    This is just a replication of the Biblical narrative of the woman caught in adultery where Christ charged the accusing persons to first cast a stone on her if free from the case she is being bamboozled!. I demand public condemnation of the released video by anybody associated with it but let us thread with caution for the life of the girls involved. It will be very sadly if suicide is recorded on this; the blood will be on Nigerians of which all of us are involved. This is a year of Mercy, lets all drop our arsenals as of the people of the biblical narrative and ask GOD for pardon generally. Be it Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Port Hacourt, Benin, Maiduguiri, Kano, just everywhere; more devastating immoralities are going on unchallenged/unremarked on. God have Mercy.

  2. franklyn

    Who care.. No one is righteos so many peeps critisizing outside der does same fin or even worst.. Aint her fault u knw.. Well i just dnt knw hu made dis public… Buh it wasnt soft at al. 2baba will say if u want to critisize me talk smal smal cuz u no holly pass ma broda.

  3. Sunny Izekor

    that’s what our society has conjured youths to. To be respected is now solely based on ones monetary position & not talents or hard work which is not ideal. Respect values & individual differences & there’ll be good systemic reformation

  4. veera

    It’s really sad how people will just wake up one morning and Decide to destroy someones life. It’s not supposed to be this way but Anyhow sha.. God is in control. I jas pray that he guides her through this.


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