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  1. Pawee says:

    I strongly believe that the business has come to stay and as a member my wish is gudluck.thanks

  2. alice says:

    Pls I want dis ultimate cycler site to be open oh cos people has doubt me I don’t but people I invite has a lot of doubt pls do somtin real fast

  3. valik says:

    one of the largest community of ultimate cyclers and crowrising. we have had lots of success stories
    with our pool of investors.
    don’t let anyone fool you about this type of investment, its just a way of spreading money across the country . but people who earn are people that joined a well organized community with vast amount of investors. in Nigeria.

    ultimate cycler is not gone, reason be that the program didn’t expect the large traffic from Nigerians from 300,000 users to 5million in 5days. what do you expect a crash due to over load goodnews. is it would be back in few days. however crowd rising is another good or even better platform to invest note there are no disadvantages but crowd rising is easy to understand,, use and faster.
    in summary how money is made invest early and enjoy the benefit invest late and loose.. this program would be here for a long time (2years) because it one of the best means to circulate money around the country… The best thing about crowdrising and making money is that instead of looking around for people to add,you can easily be registed with a referral from us and sending back your referral link so that we send to another person and connect you making your money faster without looking around .

    Avoid groups appealing to their selfish interest you make money through others and vice-versa
    Avoid registering relatives under you. because it kills your earning on level 2


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    ultimate cycler and crowdrising

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    we provide basic help to other investor in other team!

  4. freeman says:

    Just hope it does come back and real fast

  5. Ogunjimi odunola says:

    Please enlighten me more about this crowdrising

  6. Ogunjimi odunola says:

    Please enlighten me.more about the crowd rising

  7. Ayodeji says:

    Guys, MMM West Africa( has started o. I am getting 50% monthly PH. My Mavro is growing like grass at 50%. You can still use the same email, phone number and bank information you used for mmm Nigeria.
    You can register for mmm west Africa website here:
    Better register now… There is also speed bonus of 10% too… no time for dulling o! MMM Rocks!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    MMM all the way… It’s a more organized structure… No need to look for people to come under you.

  9. Valkay says:

    Odunola, Email me at so i can tell you more about crowdrising

  10. somty says:

    please i hope that ultimate cycler will be back soon

  11. Ada says:

    Please call me on 08181535086 for more info on Crowdrising

  12. Chika Igwe says:

    I am personally not doubting the current challenges experiences in the Ultimatecycler which has been an answer to the situation of Nigeria’s economy.The fact been that the ponzi scheme offer whopping percentage in return means people have to rush and that also means the admins need efforts and time to put everythings in order.
    Compared to MMMnigeria,in less than three weeks,ultimatecycler had more than the number of participants in mmmnigeria.
    It simply understand that where ever the assets of someone is,that’s where the heart belong until something positive is done,dough all hope is not loss as somthing good will happen soon.
    Send me msg on this email for more info… i will keep you updates as things unfold.

  13. as we wait for ultimate cycler paidrocket is the sure way. Pay 1k in d next day u ll get 4k level 1 level 2 pay 2500 for 40k level 3 pays 5k to get 70k level 4 pays 25k for 400k till u get to level 16 dont let any one pull you down if u plan to fail u ll definatly fail but if u dont plan failure u ll definatly win so plan to win and say no to failure use dix link to register and join my team…link or get ready to make money now?

  14. if u find deficuilty in registring ur self call me on dix.08102559341 number ur 1k ll give u many kks dat ll turn u into a millioner

  15. ArEs says:

    Ultimate Cycler Update by ArEs @ 08106992230

    Peter Wolfing posted a video on his facebook page @ saying Ultimate Cycler started
    functioning 4 years back with just 125,000 member (in 4 years) but got a very big turn over when
    Ultimate Cycler got into the hands of Nigerians.

    Ultimate Cycler in Nigeria started 35 days ago and now has 1.2 million members in 30 – 45 days. Jesus!!!
    una be witch? but i like my Nigerian brothers because we can do the impossible.

    The said video was posted on Saturday and he said the upgrade has been completed but has to go though
    intense testing which is going to take 7 days starting from today being Sunday.

    Peter Wolfing also said that there will be an admin fee of $10 (N4,100) which is optional. If you pay the
    admin fee when registering its going to be for a life time, meaning you don’t have to pay again, but if you
    want to do it after registering you will have to pay the said $10 (N4,100) every time you want to upgrade
    to the next
    level. An advise from me is that there is no need to pay the $10 (N4,100) because you will not want to
    upgrade to the next level, reason be that there is no specific amount yet for the next level for Nigerians, so
    just continue with the N12,500.

    The good thing about Ultimate Cycler is that there is no limit to how much you can make that is if you
    use it wisely, you can contact me for more details on that @ 08106992230 and even get your money faster.
    The media is saying when all Nigerians has register on the site there will be shortage of funds to pay
    members and as such the system will go down, but that is wrong because the system is designed in such a
    way that after receiving you 4 payments in your first matrix, the system will automatically create
    another matrix for you meaning you have to make another payment of N12,500 to receive another batch
    of 4 payment (N50,000(I have done that and received one of the 4 payments before the system went
    down) and it continues till you get tired of making money.

    So please be calm and wait for just 7 more days.

    BY: ArEs @ 08106992230

  16. Chukky says:

    ULTIMATE CYCLER is the real Money Making Machine! Come and feel the real money and the good life Ultimate Cycler brings to your door step and a great opportunity to bid final FAREWELL to poverty forever!. In Ultimate Cycler, you do not need one month to make just 30% profit nor do you need to refer people before you get paid. Rather you only need an ACTIVE TEAM to make your 200% PROFIT in just few hours to one day or two without any stress.
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