Opinion: Education, Not “Schooling” Is The Key – Chucks Wisdom

Opinion: Education, Not “Schooling” Is The Key – Chucks Wisdom

Negative Influence Of Parents On Career Choices.

A MYNAIJAINFO Guest Writers, Chikwendu Wisdom made this Amazing Post about the negative influence of Nigerian Parents on the Career choice and eventual unhappiness of ‘ their Kids’ in the 21st century families. What is the Way Forward? Read!

He Posted:

A UNIZIK Aspirant called me this morning to ask if the School will release any other list.

Personally, I don’t know the answer to that but something else caught my attention; It was the tone of the caller’s voice. He was evidently depressed, feeling so low to the point of almost crying on the phone.

I demanded to know what the problem was and he broke into tears explaining this to me.

Here’s the story:

“I’ve been seeking for admission into UNIZIK since 2013 to study medicine, which my father prescribed.

In 2014, I gained admission to study MCB (Microbiology) and my Dad insisted I forgo the admission, that he won’t sponsor me unless am studying to become a medical doctor.

Personally, I hate the course but I don’t have a choice, no other person will see me through school.

This year, my younger sister just graduated from secondary school and according to my dad, its now her turn to try out UTME, that my window is closed.

He threatened that if I don’t gain Admission this year (ie 2016/17 session), that i should forget about schooling in my life, he is done with me…”

Listening to this brother, I heard a story that almost every Nigerian youth of school age can relate to.

This is the situation in many 21st century Nigerian families where the parents sit down and choose what they want their kids to study in the University simply because they feel Course A is more ‘Lucrative’ or ‘Prestigious’ than Course B.

Today, Parents would prefer to be called “Papa Doctor” or “Mama Engineer” just to they satisfy their ego without considering how fulfilled or satisfied those ‘kids’ are at the Careers paths they chose for them.

The school is not the only place where Education is acquired, we often regard people with the most certificates as the ‘Most educated’. NO! They are the most ‘schooled’. A complete paradigm shift is needed in this regard.

Now, to the Parents and Prospective parents who would read this. . . .

> Stop Compelling Your Kids to follow career paths you selfishly chose for them, let them make the choices themselves. Just guide them through the process.

> Stop teaching your kids that their lives depend on how much ‘school education’ they are able to acquire; Place your emphasis on Skill acquisition. Skills will keep them going even when certificates fail.

> Teach them the importance of Self Esteem, Confidence, ‘self-belief’ and boldness. No school teaches that, your continued encouragement and moral support does.

> Encourage them to build on that skill, talent or aptitude that drives them. A career built on such will be the most successful. Redirecting them to suit your plans may lead to an unhappy life.

> Finally, build up your kids by showing an interest in what they love doing, approval from parents mean a lot to kids especially during their early years and adolescence.

Disclaimer: This Post is not in any way aimed at promoting disobedience to Parents.

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