Exclusive: Meet Birthday Girl, Agaga Praise ‘YADAH’ (Photos) 

Exclusive: Meet Birthday Girl, Agaga Praise ‘YADAH’ (Photos) 

The abuja based Gospel singer and fashionista Agaga praise popularly known as YADAH stylishly celebrates her birthday on this blessed day 5th January.

In her very usual funny and unexpected nature.. She shared an awesome article which to me is her heart poured out which she tagged “I interviewed myself”

One can laugh and cry at the same time over everything she has written… It all sounds like a short story of her life in retrospect.
Let me spare you the story.. Its just here for you to read in full..

So I decided to run an interview on myself.

Bio: i am Agaga Praise Kukeurim(God’s gift) born to The family of Rev and Mrs Godwin Agaga. From Obanliku local government of cross river state. A student of economics education at Nasarawastate university keffi.
Stage name: Yadah
Born in Amana cross river state and sincerely that day, the sun and moon did not stand still. I hear people talk about  prophecies surrounding their birth.. Me??? Nothing.  Quiet birth..  Probably a dark hospital room, the only outstanding thing was my parents who were excited about their first little bundle of Joy. Every good thing  I know about me has nothing to do with where I was born, family name or whatever..  I was so ordinary until I met JESUS.

I am born again. Yes I am. The old man died.. I am new!!! Brand new.Haleluyah.

Is there anything I wish I could change about my past???? No… Nothing!!! God is too big for errors and too wise for mistakes. He has never made any mistake. He won’t start with my life. So am happy about everything I’ve been through. The high, low, lack, mistakes, mockery, abundance, am grateful for everything!!!

Priority: JESUS

Other Interests??? Music…fashion…reading..tourism…writing…photographing…..I guess everything art.

Ever been betrayed?? Yes… Lied about By people I held so dear. Been lied to. I have been used too But today I can talk about it all laughing. It’s all part of the process.

Most embarrassing moments…
Plenty!!! Those times I was sent back home for owing school fees.. The leather bag I was carrying to primary school oh Lord ???????. . it so felt bad then.
One other funny scenario…. I remember one of my friends telling his brother…” Why would I wear second hand clothes when God made me new”… He actually said it while they both made glances at me. i knew they were mocking me.
It felt so bad then… But today??? Come and accompany me lets go  to nyanya market jare. No time. I wear my Okrika boldly..don’t laugh please ???? !!!
And I won’t forget… I failed some music auditions. Hurts most.

Philosophies: everything the word of God says!!! 

Seen poverty?? Eh… In abundance sef. Been homeless.. Slept hungry… Wore one shoe for years.. Lolz. And how I feel about it??? Normal. Its part of the process.

What and who inspires me: “everything and everyone”!!

What I think about people taking about me… I know I am so interesting a topic. Why shouldn’t they talk? I am a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.. Why shouldn’t they talk?? God said I am the LIGHT of the world. Who sees light appear and keep quiet??? Please talk about me oh. Hahahahaha

Relationship : yes…. Awesome one at that!!!

My expectations from today…. Contracts!!! Spiritual and physical. I just clocked the age slated to qualify for signing contract papers in Nigeria . So physically… Let the contracts start rolling.

Family life…. I so love my family. They have seen and known everything about me. If you can live for 21 years with me you are a survivor. Lwkmd.
And am so excited expecting a new family member!!!

What I think about the devil??? Just what the word says he is. Accuser…. Everything he tells me, I know its the opposite because he is an opposer. And besides I don’t hear him talk anymore. He is under my feet!!!

Life’s goal: I want to tell the whole world about grace(JESUS).

Fashion tips: just be comfortable, beautiful, decent and slay!!! And don’t wear it because someone did!!! Wear you!!!

Am I a feminist??? No. In fact most of my friends used to be males.

Best moment: singing on stage

Worse moment: can’t remember. Every moment has been a hit back to back

If I think God is real???  Not thinking. I know He is real. I see him everywhere, the air I breathe, in the songs I sing…  and I don’t need proofs… I am proof enough.

What you should be expecting from me this year: 
Musically… Expect awesome songs… We shaking hell together!!! 
Fashion: the designs am working on… Epic!!! Its the next level forYadahahfreekah.
Royalsisi: y’all young women just know we are different and we must make a difference this year!!!  stay glued to this space so we don’t take you unawares..

Advice : whatever God tells you to do, step out and do it. Be authentic.. Be truthful… Be daring!!! Live the life of the takers.

Acknowledgement…. My family, my pastors, my friends,….. You have always believed in me. You are all I still want in my next life!!! 

I am loved, and I know so!!! And I will be Every thing God has orchestrated.

See Yadah’s Beautiful Photos Below:

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