FLASH: Harrysong Arrested By Police Over 5-Star Beef

FLASH: Harrysong Arrested By Police Over 5-Star Beef


The quarrel between singer Harrysong and his former Record Label has just gotten messier as the Alter-Plate Singer was reportedly arrested today over contract disputes.

For some time, the Nigerian entertainment media has been awash with stories confirming the quarrel brewing between Harrysong and his former label, Five Star Music.

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Harrysong even left the label to float his own, Alterplate Music. However, new information has shown that the altercation between Harrysong and Five Star Music may have gotten to an entirely different level.
According to an LIB report, reliable sources have just confirmed that Harrysong was picked up at his home this morning by Mobile Police men.
The report shows that he’s currently being held on counts relating to breach of contract, fraud among other issues at an undisclosed location.
Efforts are being made to get official statements from the Five Star Music camp.

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