Opinion: The Evil Secrets of Celebrities, Superstars and Entertainers 

Opinion: The Evil Secrets of Celebrities, Superstars and Entertainers 

What Celebrities Will Never Want You To Know.

Over the years, the entertainment Industry has kept growing from strength to strength with more people becoming Superstars, Celebrities and Public Figures while others are stuck while climbing the Success Ladder. What is the secret behind this?

Lets Find out!


By Solomon Obi

I want to make it clear that what I am about to discuss is truly my opinion and should not be used to generalize the topic that I am going to talk about. So with that said, I want to talk about the entertainment industry and particularly celebrities.

Now I know more than ninety percent of people reading this article would want to be famous, successful, rich and make head ways in the entertainment industry, after all, is that not the plan? I know many of us aspire to be like these celebrities we see on all media platforms, even I myself have those that I deeply look up to in the industry and those I pray to become like in the not too distant future.

I know many of us hope, dream and desire to be like these celebrities through any means possible, but have you really asked yourself, do I really want to be a celebrity, is it because of the fame, the money, the cars, the parties, the girls for guys and the guys for the girls and the vacations? I am not saying these are bad, after all, who would not want such things; even I would not say no if offered such things.

You see these guys all portray the good life, expensive lifestyle and a lot more on the media platforms at your reach, but have you ever bothered to ask what they are going through, the sacrifices and things they have given up just to keep up with their high lifestyle. 

Many have surrendered their freedom and privacy to the public, because as they say ‘a public figure is subject to the judgment of the public’. Many of them do all kinds of things to ‘’up’’ their game and remain relevant in the industry, like publicity stunts which we are all accustomed to. Many do hard drugs like marijuana and cocaine to get inspiration, confidence and many more. 

I know of an international artiste who admitted that he used drugs to create and produce all the songs in his recent album which was an international success or as they say it was a ‘’hit’’ and funny enough I enjoyed the lead single in his album here are some of the lyrics of his hit song, 

‘’I am tryna put in the worst mood,

p1 cleaner than your church shoes ah,

milli point two point to hurt you ah,

all red lamb just to tease you ah,

none of these toys on lease too ah,

made your whole in a week too yeah’’.

 But please do not quote me oh, or as they say in Pidgin English ‘’ abeg oh’’. 

There are some who even go diabolical just for success in the industry; some even engage in illegal activities just to fund their careers in the industry and many other things. 

I am not trying to scare you, after all there are others who are in the industry and are doing things the right way that we could emulate if we choose to but what I am trying to say is that, we should try and understand that the entertainment industry is no child’s play and you should know it takes a lot to really break into the industry, become successful and still stay relevant in the industry. 

It takes more than talent, hard work and dedication. You should be able to know your reason for wanting to join this never ending industry and what impact you are going to make because many have come, many have gone and many more will still go.

I know many people are struggling to enter, which is not bad due to the situation in the country everyone is looking for ways to make it in life, but mind you that you are going to give a lot in other to attain that which you desire in the industry. 

Do not forget there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the status of been a celebrity and if you are not careful it could make or mar you in times that follow. You should know when to draw the line and when not to, so that you don’t make wrong decisions that will lead to your untimely exit from the industry.

I urge you to define your goal, be smart, be wise because it is all in your hands.  Dig this, it’s all in your hands!

Solomon Obi is a Seasoned Writer and the Initiator of the “Thoughts of a Concerned Teenager” series published on MyNaijaInfo

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