#ACA2016: Anambra Cyber Awards Takes Center Stage in Awka

#ACA2016: Anambra Cyber Awards Takes Center Stage in Awka

Anambra Cyber Awards 2016 To Hold April 28.

The Anambra Cyber Awards (ACA), in its maiden edition, celebrate the very best in Anambra State Social Media Communications and reward the individuals, groups and organisations who are using online platforms to communicate in fresh and innovative ways. 

By rewarding effective social media campaigns and strategies, these awards give recognition to those who are using social media to communicate in exciting and innovative ways.Celebrating exceptional agencies, campaigns and talents in 28 categories with 40 awardees.

As Anambra State continues to make strides in digital revolution, the role of social media platforms and in­fluence become a key component in business growth, government programs and community development.

The Organizers objectives aside recognizing and awarding the of the best in social media are;

• Building capacity to positively influence the society through personalities and organizations

• Highlighting the power of social media on brand building

• Encouraging good use of the internet to enhance online safety

This year’s event will be hosted by Anambra’s best presenter and broadcaster featuring musical arts, drama and red carpet experience with special appearance of Anambra born Nigeria’s top blogger.

The Anambra Cyber Awards are brought to you by Anambra Blog in partnership with other leading firms and agencies.

Below are the categories;

1. Social Media Personality of the Year – Male/Female

2. Pro-Government Social Media Influencer – Male/Female

3. Best Constructive Critic of the Government – Male/Female

4. Facebook Influencer of the Year – Male/Female

5. Twitter Influencer of the Year – Male/Female

6. Instagram Influencer of the Year – Male/Female

7. WhatsApp Influencer of the Year – Male/Female

8. Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year – Male/Female

9. Blogger of the Year – Male/Female

10. Group Admin of the Year – Male/Female

11. Social Media Team of the Year

12. Best Use of Imagery/Graphics

13. Best Use of Live Video

14. Best Innovative Use of Social Media

15. Most Active House Member

16. Most Active Traditional Ruler

17. Most Active Priest

18. Face of Social Media 2016

19. Blog of the Year

20. Best Use of Social Media for Political Campaign

21. Best Use of Social for Social Orientation

22. Social Media Friendly Radio Brand

23. Social Media Friendly Newspaper Brand

24. Social Media Friendly Television Brand

25. Social Media Friendly Magazine

26. Best Campus-based Blog

27. Best Online Group on Community Development

28. Best Facebook Group

29. Best Online Programme

The winners will be announced at the Awards night on 28th April, 2017.

To see full list of Nominees and who votes who for each categories, visit our facebook page @www.fb.com/anambracyberawards/

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