‘Igboukwu To Experience The Best’ – Queen Rita Okenwa Assures in New Interview

Ever since her victory at the January 1st Event in the great town of Igboukwu that confirmed her miss Rita Okenwa of Ngo village the Maiden and first ever Miss Igboukwu Heritage and Olamma 1 of Igboukwu she has being up to a lot.

Our reporter visited her in her Royal office where she granted us an exclusive interview

I: Good day miss

   Good day

I: May we know you

   I am Queen Rita Okenwa, miss igboukwu heritage 2017, I am a native of igboukwu in Aguata local government area anambra state, Ngo village. I love swimming traveling and making friends.

I: Wow so you’re a model

   I will rather say I am a beauty queen, because miss igboukwu heritage was actually my first pageant.
I: So why did you participate in this pageant

   My primary reason for participating was to develop and boost my self esteem and self confidence as well as promote my hometown.

I: What were your challenges during the pageant

   Meeting few experienced beauty queens from different pageants as part of my competitors and my Dad having a negative view of pageantry

I: What were d sacrifices you made for this great pageant.

   The sacrifice I made for this pageant were time, effort, commitment and skills. “Smiles” however it is worth it, colourful experience and unforgettable memories. Confidence and self esteem I have gained, friends and opportunities yet to come are more than worth the sacrifices I have made.

I: Did you by any chance know that you will win this crown 

   No I didn’t but I promised myself I must go with a sash and I worked towards it, I felt over fulfilled when I finally got the crown instead.

I: If you were to choose the winner amongst all the contestants who would it be and why

   (“chuckles”) I will still choose me because I am a great tittle holder and I understand been a queen is a job and part of my job description is to actively and creatively promote this pageant by actively recruiting girls to try to win my crown next year.

I: Most times after beauty pageants we tend to here negative stories about sexual molestation, did you witness this in anyway

   No no not at all, the company, the organisers and the head of the organisation never asked of such from me and didn’t here of such from any of the other females involved.

I: Another negative information we always get is on the issue of the winners fully receiving their entitlements, can you confirm this

   I can boldly tell you that the case here is way better, the organisers have not withheld my entitlements from me, as I have received them all in full

I: What are your plans for igboukwu

   My plans are to impact knowledge and the zeal to work hard on the youths. Looking forward to making exercise books for the primary school students doing well in other to encourage others and organise a spelling competition as well as debate for the secondary school students with the help of my organizer master. To encourage them on education and remind them to tighten their seat belts.

I: How old are you and wat are your achievements so far

   (“smiles”) well am 23yrs of age,am a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka were i studied zoology. I am also a professional makeup artist and now I am currently miss igboukwu heritage 2017. And am certain the future holds something brighter.

I: How would you describe your personality

    Am a simple, independent, courageous and content young lady, I can stay and look Charming and sweet after an unpleasant situation. My simple ambition is to always excel, have a good family and have a little contribution on the society.

I: If you are allowed to change your life ,what part of your life will u change

   None, I wont change even a single scene in my life, I am me because of what have been through, even my mistakes moulded me, changing any part of my life will automatically change my detonation as a person and I do not want that to happen. I only look forward to learning from my mistakes and been a better person.

I: Whats your greatest challenge so far as miss igboukwu heritage 2017

   (“inhales deeply”) well am expected to meet peoples expectations, respect and gain respect, become friends with everyone and still be that young lady everyone look up to.
I: If God asked you to make a wish for igboukwu what will it be

   I will wish for humanity, that contentment will be an innate part of human race so that hatred and greediness will be totally over and the world peaceful.

I: There are a group of people who do not support the concept of beauty pageant what will you tell them 

   I would say it isn’t something to discourage your child from, a first or one time won’t hurt, your reason for contesting also matters, but above all pageantry brings out the best in you, brings you out of ignorance, makes you aware of your worth, it also creates opportunities and platform to voice our choices and opinions and makes us strong and independent citizens.

I: Lastly what would you like to say to the next miss igboukwu heritage 2017 

   (“smiles”) Well for all the aspiring contestants for the miss igboukwu heritage 2018 pageant, I would say keep you heads high, stay positive, have great plans for igboukwu and the sky will be your limit, as what is within you is Gods gift  and what you do with it is your gift to God.

I: Thank you our queen for your time

   Its my pleasure

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  1. Nma mozie

    That was a very nice personality about you, I love that keep it up. Pray that God will strengthen you in all you do. AMEN


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