Busted! Why The Northern Youths Want Osinbajo To Free Biafra

Busted! Why The Northern Youths Want Osinbajo To Free Biafra

A group of Youths from the Northern part of the country have appealed to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to allow a complete separation of the Southeast states presently agitating for Biafra from Nigeria through a peaceful political process.

Why The Northern Youths Want Igbos Out of Nigeria

According to them, taking steps to facilitate the actualization of the Biafran nation in line with the principle of self-determination and as an integral part of contemporary customary international law is the solution to incessant agitation from that part of the country.

Biafrans Youths Peaceful Protest in Nigeria
Biafrans Youths Peaceful Protest in Nigeria

They submitted that this protocol envisages that people of any nation have the right to self-determination, adding that even though the Charter did not categorically impose direct legal obligations on member states, it implies that member states allow agitating or minority groups to self-govern as much as possible.

Excerpts From The Letter

In a letter signed by Ambassador Shettima Yerima, Joshua Viashman, Aminu Adam, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman and Nastura Ashir Sharif directed to Ac. President Osinbajo,

In the letter, the Northern youths contended that the principle of self-determination has since world war II become a part of the United Nations Charter, which states in Article 1(2) that one of the purposes of the UN is “to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples”.

Commending Osinbajo’s  efforts towards finding a lasting solution to the lingering Igbo-induced crises, which they is undoubtedly overheating the polity, the youths acknowledged the acting president’s good intentions as shown by his prompt and genuine actions towards ensuring peace and stability in holding talks with leaders of the North and the South-East.

They said, “Though we do not doubt Your Excellency’s bona fide concerns for the peaceful resolution of the crises, we nevertheless have reservations as to the efficacy of this approach in ensuring lasting solutions. Our doubts are informed by the following historical antecedents that have characterized the behavior and conduct of the Igbo in Nigeria and previous efforts at containing them.

“The Igbo of Eastern Nigeria manifested their hatred for Nigeria’s unity barely five years after we gained our independence from the British when on January 15, 1966, their army officers carried out the first-ever  mutiny that marked the beginning of a series of crisis which has profoundly altered the course of Nigeria’s history.

“By that ill motivated cowardly and deliberate action, the Igbo killed many northern officers from the rank of lieutenant colonel upwards and also decapitated the Prime Minister and the political leadership of the Northern and Western regions but left the zenith of Igbo leadership at the Federal level and the Eastern region intact”.

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  1. Ubani Ariba

    The youths have spoken well though some of their interpretation concerning Igbos are wrong. I agree that the best way to solve this problem of distrust is separation for now.


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