FIRST PHOTOS of President Buhari As He Arrives Nigeria (Video)

FIRST PHOTOS of President Buhari As He Arrives Nigeria (Video)

Buhari Arrives Nigeria – Photos. President Muhammadu Buhari, who has been out of the country for over 103 days is reportedly halfway to Nigeria today as his official jet was recorded leaving the Hearthrow Airport this morning. Watch video below.

President Buhari is expected to land in Aso-rock any moment from now after spending over 100 days in the United Kingdom on medical leave.

The president’s return falls a day after a group of protesters stormed the Abuja house in London demanding that the president returns to Nigeria or submit his resignation letter.

Watch the Presidential Jet leaving Hearthrow Airport below…

President Buhari’s Lands in Abuja (In Pictures)

buhari-lands-abuja-london-103-day (4) buhari-lands-abuja-london-103-day (2)

buhari-lands-abuja-london-103-day (1) PHOTOS of Buhari in Abuja - August 19 2017


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