S*x in the ‘Church’? Watch Trending Video of Couple Dry Humping

S*x in the ‘Church’? Watch Trending Video of Couple Dry Humping
Video – Couple’s sex arousing dance in church.
A sexually arousing video showing a couple in a church has been making the rounds on the social media. The amateur clip displays a couple practicing sex while the audience applauds them. Watch below.

 A physically-challenged man was seen in a video clip clinging to the bum of a plus-size woman in what looked like a dance in a ‘church’.
A man who appeared like a pastor was seen encouraging the couple as the mild struggle continued with the woman expressing satisfaction.
In the mind-boggling 1:15 minutes video clip, the moderator could be heard shouting; Oh My God! Hail Jesus!! Its a miracle!!! This took place amid music being played at the background as the audience cheered both parties.
At a point, the man laid on top of the woman with her legs wide open like they were about to consummate in public. Social media users have express concerns about the video but no vivid explanation has been given about the event that actually took place.
Watch the video clip below:

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