GUYS! see gifts you should NEVER give to a woman on her birthday

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These are the gifts you should never buy a woman on her birthday (except she asks for them specifically). They are thoughtless and not the kind of gift any woman would appreciate.

Cheap Perfumes:

If you want to buy perfumes, body sprays, body mist, make sure they are original and not the cheap kind you pick in drug stores or the road side. That will only show that no thought went into what she really likes when you were picking out the gift.

Fake Jewelries:

This is even worse than the cheap perfume. Don’t buy a lady any jewelry that will lose its lustre in no time. If you are buying her jewelries, make sure they are very original. There are nice jewelries that don’t even cost much. If you can’t separate the fake from the authentic, ask a female friend to help you or buy from a trusted shop/store.

Under wear:

Some women may like this especially if it is coming from that special someone but never ever buy a random girl, your colleague, class mate, “just your friend” underwear. It spells “wrong” on all levels. If you’re going to buy for that special someone, make sure it is lingerie; something from Victoria secret, Marks & Spencer also have great female underwear (I love them, they are very comfortable). There are lots of good brands of underwear you can shop from.

Cheap/Fake Fashion Items:

Don’t buy clothes, shoes, bags for a lady if it is a cheap imitation of the original; women have a way of knowing these things and some of these imitations are poorly made especially with our “brothers” who seem to have issues with getting the spellings right. You will see “Guggi instead of Gucci”. I have seen Tonny Hinfinger before. With sales on online stores and even some virtual shops, you don’t have to worry about spending so much on a gift. Besides, if she is special, she is worth the pain; isn’t she?


I love flowers, they are very sweet gifts but don’t come with flowers alone on my birthday. At least let it be flowers with other things like a card, cake, chocolates and all those sweet chops. Leave the flowers till Valentine’s Day. It is my birthday, make it rain.

Tickets To An “Uninteresting” Event:

If you’re going to buy her ticket to any event or to watch a movie, it has to be somewhere she will really enjoy going to. Don’t get a ticket to a football match (except if she is a big soccer match). If you’re buying tickets, make sure it is to some place she will really be thrilled to go.

There are countless things you should never buy a woman; anything she is not interested in or doesn’t like will be considered as a terrible gift for her. You can’t buy her a game console if she is not a game fan and expect her to like it.

When you’re buying her gifts for her birthday, make sure you consider her likes, hobbies and interests. If you can’t do it by yourself, get someone to help you out with picking out the gifts.

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