Ladies! 5 Signs the Guy You’re With Deserves Your Trust (part 1)

 signs he deserves your trust

Trust isn’t something you should readily give to a guy just because you’re dating. So how can you know if you’re with a guy who’s trustworthy?

A large part of what makes relationships successful or unsuccessful is trust. Without trust, it is very difficult to build the foundations of love. And without love, your relationship will go downhill really fast.

However, although trust is a key ingredient of a satisfying relationship, it can often be hard to find or give to the person you’re dating. Trustworthiness is a sign of maturity, and a lot of men, especially young men, simply haven’t reached that stage of development yet. But there are also a good number of men who have, hard as they may be to find.

Can you trust the guy you’re dating?

Before you serve up your trust on a silver platter, find out first if he does indeed deserve to be trusted. Here are ways you can find out if he’ll treat your trust like a treasure to be cherished.

#1 He is always willing to communicate. A trustworthy man won’t run away when you try to communicate with him about things. The reason is because he has nothing to hide, so he doesn’t mind you peppering him with questions like a detective. Men who are untrustworthy, and who have guilty consciences, may fear direct prying into their lives, because they don’t want you to discover the lies they are telling.

#2 He can look you in the eye. Not being able to look you in the eye is a sign that the guy could easily be shady. So, the opposite of that is often a good sign. If he can look you in the eye while talking to you, it means that he probably doesn’t have anything to hide. The eyes have a funny way of revealing emotional information. So if he’s not one of those guys with a shifty, paranoid gaze, then he may be worth giving your trust to.

#3 He can let his guard down with you. Trust should be mutual, right? If he can let his guard down around you, it means that he is pretty comfortable with himself, and is willing to let you get to know him on a deeper level. Not only is this a sign of maturity, but it is also a sign that he’s trying to earn your trust by giving him yours.

#4 He isn’t constantly flirting with other girls. Flirting with other girls all the time is a sign that he isn’t quite settled into the relationship with you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a cheater or a liar, but it could definitely mean that he isn’t that invested in the relationship. Though this isn’t a sign that he’s not trustworthy, it’s a sign that he may not be at that stage where he will be able to truly value your trust.

#5 He seems genuinely interested in your life. This is a good one, because if he is interested in your life, it probably means that he is emotionally attached to you on a significant level. His emotional investment in you could also mean that he cares enough about you to truly want to avoid hurting you


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