Editorial: The sudden Uprise of Baby Mamas in Nigeria

mynaijainfo.com/editorial-the-sudden-uprise-of-baby-mamas-in-nigeriaThe sudden Uprise of Baby Mamas in Nigeria

Have we ever wondered what the deal is with some of our young girls that get pregnant for Nigerian celebrities who half the time probably do not give a hoot about them?
Have we ever stopped to wonder if and how they arrived at being pregnant? Yes I know they indulged in the act but did they deliberately get pregnant? Or did it happen by accident?

To be honest, at the rate at which young girls are getting pregnant for our Nigerian celebrities, I am of the opinion that

they are probably even timing their ovulation to ensure they get pregnant when they engage in sexual intercourse with these men because it is so rampant that it just CANNOT be a mistake anymore.

Back in the day, Tuface Idibia was reprimanded for leading young girls astray with his numerous baby mamas but now Tuface even seems more like the normal one since he was finally able to tie the knot with one of his baby mamas at the time.

Now, we have artists like WizKid, Davido, Jesse Jagz, Flavour, Ice Prince, Patoranking, Olamide and so on. Let’s not forget the infamous Maje Ayida who had a baby by his ex-girlfriend Anita while married to his superstar wife Toke Makinwa.

Even our female celebrities have a stake in this as well with the likes of Omawunmi, Waje, Anna Banner and a host of others. But thankfully, Omawunmi married her baby daddy while pregnant with baby number two.

Is this a trend? Or are the women blinded by the fact that the men are celebrities and having a baby by them somewhat translates to “financial security”?

Please permit me to include supposed “wives” who are yet to marry in the sight of God but already have CHILDREN for their supposed “husband”. Like the likes of Psquare and brothers who are very successful but for whatever reasons known to them, have refused to marry their women in the church.

This act is not only wrong in the sight of God but it is just as though you are still living with a concubine. It really baffles me how you can be married before the law and your community but fail to be married before the almighty God.

Yet you live as man and wife and even recreate offspring like man and wife. What a shame!

To be honest, the wives of such people should actually be glad they even performed the traditional rites because given the rise of baby mamas these days, they could easily have gotten away with having them simply as their baby mamas.

What is our society turning into? What are we teaching our children?

How can we raise our children with the notion that daddy has other children with other women? Doesn’t this already breed enmity and competitiveness?

Call me old fashioned but children are supposed to be raised in a home. As a matter of fact, children ought to be born after the man and woman have TIED THE KNOT!

There used to be a standard procedure back in the day: Meet the girl, date, propose, introduction, traditional, court, church wedding and finally, babies.

Whatever happened to that trend? Now they call it “Civilisation” or better yet, “Westernization”

What a shame indeed!

Sometime ago, on TV, I watched an interview of Jesse Jagz’s baby mama, Ruby who is also an artist signed on the same record label as he is; Chocolate City. She was asked about her future plans with Jesse and to my surprise, she responded saying she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him and that she is happy with where they are at the moment aka she is okay with just being a baby mama.

OMG! That had to be the most unbelievable thing I have ever heard!

What is this society really turning into? Since when did it become okay for a woman to have a baby for man that isn’t her husband and even be ok with it?

My question is if you do not aspire to become his wife and he your husband in the near future, why then do you want to have a baby with him in the first place?

I really do not know the reason why all these women are clamoring to become “baby mamas” but enough is enough ladies!

You are precious and should treat yourself as such. No marriage, no babies! If he really wants a baby, he clearly can afford a wedding after all, he’s a celebrity.

Ladies, you must stop presenting yourself in this manner regardless of if the end result is marriage to a celebrity. It really doesn’t worth the risk of becoming a baby mama.

Maybe we need to return back to the good ol’ days when such behaviour were frowned upon. Enough really is enough!

What do you think is the reason for the up-rise of baby mamas in Nigeria?

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and suggestions.


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