Electric Power Bike produced by UNIZIK final year students (photos)

mynaijainfo.com/electric-power-bike-produced-by-unizik-final-year-students-photosWith final year projects making the waves in Unizik, LIve from school campus, we present to you a team of UNIZIK students that have assembled various distinct parts to produce the first made-in-Nigeria ELECTRIC POWER BIKE which they have named “EBS ONE”. This is definitely a milestone in the Nigerian ongoing Technological advancement. See photos after the cut…

This team of Mechanical Engineering Students comprises of ONYEBUCHI CHINONSO, OVOKE PAUL, CHIKA PAUL, UDORA EDISON, NWAFOR PAULING, and from the department of Electrical Engineering VICTOR IKEH TOCHUKWU.

The project(EBS ONE) has to do with having an electrical system in place of internal combustion engine of a motorcycle. This electrical system comprises mainly of; the batteries, a DC motor, the gear system, and an inverter. The batteries power the motor which in turn moves the gear to bring about the movement of the rear wheel. i.e batteries>motor>gear>rear wheel.
The idea of this project is to reduce the dependence on fuel for motorcycles and reduce ozone layer depletion by carbon compounds due to combustion of fuels.

They fabricated their own Chasis(skeleton). It has the shape of a moderb day powerbike.They also made use of Solidworks application,Autodesk Inventor and Matlab for different simulations.Everything involving the project was done in the school’s workshop. The power system comprises of a 12Volts 6Amps battery, an electric motor and some other materials which were gotten.
Indeed, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is really producing qualified and competitive engineers.





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