IncaseYouMissed: 5 noteworthy quotes from Fashola’s ministerial Screening

Babatunde Fashola Trending worldwide today on twitter. He was exceptional during his screening yesterday and he almost stole the show with his well thought-out lines. Here are some of the notable Quotes from the former Lagos state governor’s ministerial screening yesterday:

Quotes from Fashola’s ministerial Screening

“There is no way we can conceptualize long term project in Nigeria
today without borrowing”-BRF

“…Credibility of a government is not how far it has in the bank but how
credible it is to manage its debt”

“…USA owes over $16trillion ..but yet we go to their hospitals,
universities and they also dictate what is happening all over the
world.. I will like to be such debtor”-BRF

“…I’m not a debtor..just telling us how institutional financing works”-BRF

“Those who want to benefit from the commonwealth must contribute to the common purse…”-BRF

“People must pay Taxes!”-BRF

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