MNI Fresh: Fan Blasts Basket Mouth on Social Media (snapshots)

Fan Blasts Basket Mouth on Social MediaFan Blasts Basket Mouth on Social Media.

Superstar comedian Basket Mouth has been attacked ‘big time’ by one of his followers on Instagram as He shares a post about the current Economic situation in Nigeria. The comedian Subtly shades Nigerian politicians over poor minimum wage while they spend over 200 percent more in just a bottle of Don Perignon (Alcoholic Drink). See full statement and fans comment after the Cut . . .

Basket Mouth asked:

Why is it easier for the people on top to spend over N140,000 on a bottle of Dom Perignon which they will piss out 15min after consumption but find it hard to increase minimum wage to just N100,000?

And the fan responded:

@basketmouth The same way it’s easier for you to spend millions on clothes but fail to donate money to support some of your colleagues that are almost dying from medical problems. How many people have you actually helped since the beginning of the year? When I say people I mean random people you meet on your way out everyday? How far have you contributed to the society, your local community?I never said you should go ahead and spread your goodwill on the Internet, but look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions. Until then Basketmouth, until then, you will get a quick answer to your quick question.

See Snapshot Below:

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