Appreciation Without Words – 10 Subtle Ways to Say “Thank You”

Appreciation Without Words - 10 Subtle ways to say "Thank You"Appreciation Without Words – 10 Subtle ways to say “Thank You”.

Saying that you appreciate someone is always nice, but showing them how you feel can be much more powerful than any words you can say. I want to express in this Post that Actions speak louder than words. Just as the old saying goes, actions make a much bigger impact on a person than just muttering a few words that could actually mean nothing. What you should be doing is actually using your actions to say that you appreciate what they did. Check out these 10 Silent but Powerful Ways to Really say “Thank You” . . .

This can seem like a difficult thing to do, but in all actuality, it’s pretty simple. There are different things you can do to tell someone you appreciate them without having to utter a single phrase. If you’re having trouble trying to come up with your own way to show them, here are 25 ways to say, “I appreciate you” without using words.

#1 Start the shower for them in the morning:

If you live with your significant other or are staying there, nothing says “I appreciate you” more than starting the shower for them in the morning. It’s not a huge gesture of your appreciation, but it definitely says it.

#2 Bring them coffee without having to be asked:

If you know your partner likes coffee in the morning, get up a few minutes early, start a fresh pot, and bring them some to bed before they wake up so it’s piping hot and ready to go for them.

#3 Make them something with your hands:

Anything homemade speaks way louder than words regarding your appreciation for a person. So knit them something, make them a chair if you’re a handyman, or even just making a cute origami flower is enough.

#4 Buy them that one thing they can’t stop talking about:

I once had a boyfriend who wouldn’t SHUT UP about this game he really wanted. So I bought it for him, and I can’t even explain to you how much he appreciated that small gesture.

#5 Clean up after dinner when they’ve made it: 

This is not only polite, but it also makes them feel appreciated for having cooked you a meal.

#6 Actually pay attention when they’re talking about their day:

Asking about someone’s day can get routine, and you can oftentimes tune it out. Pay attention to them when they talk about that annoying coworker. It’ll make their day.

#7 Remember the important days:

Their birthday, your anniversary, their big day for a presentation at work that could potentially lead to a promotion… you get the idea. Any days that are important for them should be on your calendar so you can acknowledge them when the time comes.

#8 Take care of all their chores for them:

This is especially powerful on a day when you know they’re busy. Take the initiative to get all their chores done – do the dishes, vacuum the apartment, even do their laundry.

#9 Send a hot lunch to their work:

Having the same cold lunch every day at the office is boring. Send them a hot lunch to their work from their favorite restaurant. Not only will they be surprised, but they’ll feel really appreciated, too.

#10 Hold the umbrella for them in the rain:

This one goes without saying, but holding the umbrella for them in the rain will make them feel so special and appreciated.

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