Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce Blasts Blasts Follower on Twitter (Screen Shots)

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Kissing Wife - Mynaijainfo - Senator Bruce Kisses Wife, Blasts Twitter CommentsSenator Bruce Kisses Wife, Blasts Twitter Comments.

Popular, Media-savvy Nigerian Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has Blasted a Twitter Follower after He posted A Picture of Him Kissing Wife in Front of Nigerian High Commission In London. The said Picture was Taken By Senator Bruce after his talk on Common Sense in the High Commission. Mixed Reactions have Trailed this post on Twitter as Many Followers Blasted the Senator for  Posting Such A picture in the Amidst The Current Economic Woes Facing Nigeria, Boko Haram Insurgency and Even Militancy in the Niger Delta. See Snapshots of Followers Comments and Sen Bruce’s Epic Replies . . .

Senator Bruce Kisses Wife, Blasts Twitter Comments - Mynaijainfo

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