“UNIZIK SUG was not Scraped”- SUG President’s Exclusive Interview

“UNIZIK SUG was not Scraped”- SUG President’s Exclusive Interview.

IN NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY, AWKA: Rumor went viral that The School’s Student Union Government has been scraped following the crisis that rocked the union in 2015. The SUG has ever since been headed by The Vice President, Comrade Ozems Precious Amarachi. Students of the institution have believed that there is no Student Union all the while until lately, An advertisement banner for Miss UNIZIK 2016 pageantry and Students Week showed up at the school gate.

Read Exclusive interview with UNIZIK SUG president after the cut . . .

"UNIZIK SUG was not Scraped"- SUG President's Exclusive Interview

Questions arising include: Who is the SUG President? Who is coordinating the Students week? Is there still an SUG? Will Election of new executives ever be conducted?

MNI is here with the answers!!

In an exclusive interview with the SUG President of UNIZIK, Miss Ozems Precious, She addressed all the above questions. Read Below:

May we meet You?

My name is Precious Ozems, UNIZIK SUG President.

You were elected as the SUG vice president last year (2015) and later became the president?


What can you say about that, what does it make you feel?

Should there be a feeling?  It’s not an easy thing, starting first as the VP of the union and now the president, there are missed feelings. Being the president is tedious with a lot of responsibilities, everybody is looking up to you to do things and most times, you get to find out that you don’t have time for yourself. The responsibility is doubled as a president.

 Being SUG president for 2years now, can you point out some of your resounding contributions to the union and the school?

 Thank you. One thing about SUG is, there are things you would want to do but you are provided with limited resources, but, with the little we have,

  • In the giant house (SUG complex), we’ve been able to provide free wi-fi so that students can come here and browse for FREE.
  • We ensure that we partake in any little contribution we can make to help the students, even in the medical centre; we buy things for sick student from time to time.
  • In the school bus stand, we ensure that it’s in good shape and it’s maintained on a regular basis.
  • Aside that, there are little things we also do to ensure that the life and welfare of the students, like fixing the water and light issues in the student hostels, security and other things.
  • Sometime last year, we poured sand on the bad Ifite road before Emmanuel hostel Ifite for easy access to students and we’ve been writing to the Government of the state to come up and fix the road.

What are your contributions in terms of academics so far?

Firstly, whenever the students report to us, either about a lecturer molesting them or any form of unusual treatment, we report to the relevant authority to investigate and ensure that the issue is being looked in to critically. Also in departments now, at least, semester and session results are released earlier than before.

As at early this year, transport fare from school gate to the various bus stand inside school was N40,but it has been reduced to N30,even though the fuel price is still high, Is that a function of the union?

Yes, like I was saying, there are so many things we have looked into, quite numerous to mention.

Students that stay in unizik junction (Tempsite) had an unusual increase in fare from N50 to N80 under your watch. What can you say about that?

See what happened, it’s N70 from ifite bus stand to unizik junction and N80 from ifite bus stand to eke awka.

Drivers find it difficult to carry passengers when they get to the other end. Hence, they barely charge for both Trips (To and Fro) as passengers are either going to school or going back to their homes. They hardly pick up students while returning in the morning to the bus stand and the same is the case in the evenings. This is a problem to them, some are even withdrawing because they don’t make ends meet anymore, but we have spoken to them, we hope the price will be reduced; the students should be patient with us.

The crisis that rocked the SUG last year has got every student believing that the Vice Chancellor scraped the union. What have you to say to the students?

There is still an SUG!

 If you have issues, you can come to giant house, our numbers are there for you to reach us incase of any challenges, there is still an SUG. Elections will come up very soon. The union is even working on our 2016 SUG/ Students week scheduled to hold from the 10th – 16th July 2016.

Please, at this point, Highlight the programme of event for the Week

As usual, Sunday (July 10th) is the praise night, when we will thank God for a successful session.

Monday is our health event day: there will be lots of games like cycling, marathons, skating, etc.

Tuesday will be our old school day: we will be dressed in archaic attires.

Wednesday is our rag day: Year one students will experience what it means to rag. For those who are willing, we are appealing to you to take some percentage of what will be realized to giant house, from there, we take it in your company, to orphanages that really need assistance on behalf of Unizik student union.

Thursday is our cultural day: this is a day I really look forward to, we will dress in our different cultural attires.

Friday is the interactive session with the vice chancellor: It will feature debates from different faculties. On Friday evening, the dress code will be “torn jean”, that’s the concept.

Finally, on Saturday:

In the morning, we will tidy our environment in a brief sanitation exercise.  After that, there will be an event at the auditorium where Health organizations will teach us about health. Also, entrepreneurship skills will be taught, students that have skills like baking, etc that would want to showcase themselves will be given room to perform.

Finally, on Saturday night, there will be an “SUG NIGHT”, where we will have our Mr/Miss Unizik Pageantry, Face of Unizik etc.

Looking at the current state of the union, are all SUG Executives still occupying their elected positions or is there a kind of interim Government?

No, not just the president, everybody is doing what they suppose to do. (No more comments on that)

Finally, what is your message to the students who think UNIZIK SUG has been scraped?

(In the Local Pidgin English)

My people o…! Na me dey yahn. Una be my people, i am giving you my word that this SUG week is going to hold.

I understand your doubts as there has been a lot of issues, it has not been easy on my part and also on the unions’, but you have to understand that, if there’s anything, we are still here to listen and help you in any way we can.

Also as the SUG week is coming up, I know there will be a lot of mixed feelings, I really want us to work together to make it successful.

Na we get d week o! No be only me get am, if e go make sense, na me and una go make am get sense, if una no cum out, e no go work, na beg I dey beg una.

If you have any ideas that will make the week more successful, please don’t hesitate to call the SUG hotline or come to the Complex and tell us. We’ll love to work with you.

Thank You!!


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