Download APK: Spike Rush Android Game (How to Play)

Download APK: Spike Rush Android Game.

Download APK Spike Rush Android Game : And Now after the Official Introduction of Spike Rush by Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO , you can Now Download APK Spike Rush Android Game , a game Developed By TAYO 11 YEAR OLD Nigerian Game developer.


 Spike Rush is a multi-level archery games designed for you. It is simple yet extremely addictive. It can keep you hooked on for hours playing it.

Spike Rush is an Android mobile app suitable for everyone of any age group. It is time to test your precision skills. When playing this game you need to be focused. To shoot an arrow or spike you will need to tap once on the screen. The shark is inside the bubble. You will need good hand cum eye coordination to complete a level. You need to shoot with sniper precision and you will become a top archer by practicing more. To complete a level, you need to shoot according to the number inside the bubble, provided that you did not crash with other arrows or spike. Once finished, the bubble will burst and the shark will be free!

**Top Features of This Strategy Game**
– One Touch Gameplay.
– Compare the scores with your friends on the online Leaderboard.
– Multi-level games for you to enjoy to the fullest.

**How to Play and Score Better**

The aim of this game is to throw your arrows or spike towards the bubble wheel in the middle. The level gets completed when you finish all your arrows or spike. There are levels that you need to adapt to the speed of the bubble wheel. The games become tougher and it challenges your hand eye coordination. Make sure you do not touch any of your arrows with the arrows or spike that are rotating with the bubble wheel – and this simple factor is what makes this game really addictive.

**Bubble or Wheel Speed**
– This bubble wheel will change its speed and direction.
– Sometimes it accelerates and sometimes it slows down.
– Sometimes it turns clock wise and sometimes it turns counter clock wise.
– Take your time to look at the speed or rotation changes of the bubble wheel and you can increase your chance to win the level.

This archery game requires your ultimate focus and concentration. It is not that easy, tough!

What are you waiting for? Spike Rush is the brand new archery game you are searching for. Download it for free now

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