Happy 36th Birthday to Linda Ikeji (Photo)

Happy 36th Birthday to Linda Ikeji (Photo).

Popular Nigerian Blogger and Forbes’ “African Wealthiest Blogger” Linda Ikeji, has today, September 19th Turned 36. We at MNI Wish to celebrate her. See a brief profile of Linda Ikeji and Other things YOU might not know about her below:

Happy 36th Birthday to Linda Ikeji

About Linda Ikeji

Born on September 19, 1980, Linda became the second child of the Ikeji family who hails from Nkwerre local government area of Imo State, Nigeria.  The family were said to have a humble christian background. Linda Ikeji could be categorized as of of the numerous Nigerians that had struggled through life as a result of her parent’s financial instability.

At the age of 10, Linda began to manifest her hobby in writing, she was determined to make it in life right from when she was still very young, she started struggling since she was 17 to support her family and herself. At the age of 18, Linda was already out of secondary school, she enrolled into the University of Lagos where she studied English Language.

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We can tell of her diligence and self confidence, poise and great presentation skills, high sense of dressing and most importantly, her beauty, she enrolled in a modelling firm while in school.

Though modelling was not well paying at that time, Linda saw modelling as a kind of job she could do to feed and help herself through school rather than engaging in jobs that will “take her dignity”.

Of course, as a well brought up child in a catholic christian home, she was conscious of her actions against her creator. Few years after Blogger.com was launched in 1999 by Evan Williams and Mog Hourihan, Linda ventured into blogging, a profession she turned into her hobby.

Today, Linda is a self made multi millionaire who made her money without any form of corruption, dishonesty or deception as it’s common with a number of ladies nowadays.


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