Donald Trump’s Accuser Denies Hillary: “I’m Republican”

Donald Trump’s Accuser Denies Hillary, Says “I’m Republican”.

One of Donald Trump’s accusers, Temple McDowell has stated that she would never team up with Hillary Clinton, and has Zero interest in Hillary being president because she plays for the wrong team. 

Temple McDowell – who represented Utah in the “1997 Miss USA pageantry” claims Donald Trump planted unwanted kisses on her lips during a rehearsal, and during a business meeting.

She tells TMZ she’s outraged at what Trump said during the debate while accusing Clinton of coercing women to go public with fake stories.

Temple blew up his theory, saying she’s always voted Republican, and has no plans to vote Clinton.

I’m willing to hand over phone records to prove she had no contact with Hillary or her campaign. To be clear, I’m also not voting for Trump. – She continued.

Miss Temple says she’s backing Utah independent candidate Evan McMullin for President.

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