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  1. Uwandu Ikedi says:

    please I will be happy if you people will notify me when LET PARTNER start paying back our money.

    1. MYNAIJAINFO says:

      Thank You for Making Out Time To comment Mr Ikedi.

      Please Keep Revisiting our Website, you’ll definitely Get updates on the state of the Current Case between “Lets Partner With You” MD and The EFCC.
      To make it easier, Just Subscribe to our Newsletter By clicking on the Link contained in the email We Forwarded to You.

      Once Again, Thank You for Commenting!

  2. Tonny says:

    Any way the news seems one-sided. The company has been paying. Funny enough most people have recovered their money… Imagine 10% of your capital for over 5-6 years..only Enugu had the issue,other centres were paying. Unfortunately my money is still there but I pray we all be reimbursed back…life is a calculated RISKS

    1. Thanks For making out Time to make such a Wonderful comment. Thank You and Keep Visiting.

      We Pray the Case is resolved Soon enough and all parties will be fairly compensated.

  3. Okonkwo queen says:

    Please my money is still with him.
    I just started two months before they stop. Please I should be notify when they are paying back.

  4. nwosu jane says:

    I really commend u ppl for ur tireless efforts on dis issue cos left for us alone d money is gone

    1. Thank You! We Promise To Keep you Updated!

  5. Mmeregini says:

    Is there hope of recovering my money that’s with them for long?
    They stopped paying me since January this year.
    Pls keep me updated of any development.

    1. Hello. Thanks For Commenting.
      Please keep visiting our Blog, We’ll let you know of any developments.

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