Is this Nigeria’s Problem? See Rare Photo of PMB in Germany

Is this Nigeria’s Problem? See Rare Photo of PMB in Germany.

Popular Analyst and US-Based Educationist, Ass. Prof Farooq Kperogi is at it again. This Time, He has shared a very rare photo of President Muhammadu Buhari in Germany while in a meeting with the caption: “…Nigeria’s enduring problem”.

He Argues that Nigerian Delegates are in a meeting without Pen and paper while all German officials are busy writing.

See Photo and Post Below . . .

Is this Nigeria's Problem? See Rare Photo of PMB in Germany

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This picture sums up Nigeria’s enduring problem really succinctly. Look on the Nigerian side: Not a single person has a pen or a paper. Not even the president. They don’t care. The whole trip is just a bazaar for them. It’s another opportunity to earn outrageous per diem (or “estacode”), shop, bask in the glitz of Germany and, of course, brag about courting “foreign investment” for the country. The more things “change,” the more they stay the same.

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