Nigerian Senate Frowns At Unlawful Arrest of Judges by DSS

Senate Frowns At Unlawful Arrest of Judges by DSS.

A Nigerian Senator, Mr. Joshua Lidani raised a point of order at the Senate sitting at Abuja over the Unlawful arrest and midnight raid  of Judges by the Department of State Services “DSS”. See More Below . . .

An excerpt from Senator Bukola Saraki’s Page Said:

“Today, Senator Joshua Lidani raised a point of order tagged “UNLAWFUL ARREST AND MIDNIGHT RAID OF JUDGES BY DSS”

In my personal remarks, I stated that the Senate as an institution is fully in support of the Federal Government of Nigeria and its fight against corruption, to eradicate corruption from the judicial system.

Quite a number of Nigerians have been a victim of judgement completely unjustifiable but we can not because of a few bad eggs give the entire judiciary a bad name.


We represent the people and it is important that we speak up in situations like this because it can happen to anyone including us Senators. With that said, we charge the Nigerian Judicial Council and all anti corruption agencies to work within the tenets of the law.

We are in a democracy and cannot accept anti corruption strategies that doesn’t follow the rule of law, undermine authority/integrity and independence of different arms of government.

8th Senate agreed that we cannot condone jungle justice or any action that desecrate the rule of law and all agencies must operate within the mandate provided by law.”

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