No Work Experience? How to Write That Perfect CV

How to Write CV Without Work Experience.

As soon as we finish our studies, if not sooner, we search for our dream job. However, we often stumble upon unjustified requirements from potential employers regarding past working experience.

How to Write a Perfect CV Without Work Experience

It seems like a dilemma: how are you expected to get a job when everyone demands that in order to get one you must already have had one? These people fail to acknowledge the fact that – unfortunately as it is – nobody is actually born with a working experience. It is something we are to gain when we already have the job, and not before, right? Well, yes, but…

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It is important to realize what exactly the hiring manager want to read in a candidate’s CV. When they state that they are looking for someone with working experience, the key word here is “experience,” and not “working.” Basically, the potential employer is interested to know what makes you the ultimate candidate for the job in terms of your past experiences that are relevant to the position. Surely, you did have a lot of different experiences in your life. It is hard to imagine a person in their 20s that has been doing literally nothing up to this point and gained absolutely no experiences in any field whatsoever.

Moreover, there must be a reason why you want this particular job. You believe that this is the perfect job for you because of your wonderful personal traits, the set of skills that you possess, and – most importantly – your zeal and enthusiasm. These are the things that need to be clearly presented in your killer CV, so that your employer had no doubts about your qualification for the position.

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