Saudi Arabia: Prince Killed For Murder (Photo)

Saudi Arabian Prince Killed For Murder.

The Interior Ministry in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, has announced the execution of a prince from the Saudi Royal family. Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir was arrested in 2012 for the murder of a man during a fight. His death sentence was upheld by the Appeal court and the High court.

Saudi Arabian Prince Killed MurderSaudi Arabia, which is known to have strict laws, is among the top executioners in the world according to international rights group.

The execution of the prince is however an extreme case as it is very rare to have a member of the royal household executed for a crime committed.

The Saudi Arabian government stated that the purpose of the execution is to affirm to all the Kingdom their determination to establish security.

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It is also meant to bring about justice, and implement law to those who oppress the innocent.

Another Royal Prince welcomed the announcement saying it is God’s law. Prince Khaled AI Saud said that the execution is God’s way of cleansing their blessed kingdom.

He prayed for the mercy of God upon the killer, and the victim. This recent execution brings in number a total of 128 persons put to death this year in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia imposes the death penalty for offences like murder, armed robbery, banditry, rape, drug trafficking and witch craft.

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