Canada: Immigrants Cut Down to 300,000 Annually

Canada Cuts Down Immigrants Due To Economic Woes.

The Canadian Immigration Minister, John McCallum, has announced Canada’s intention to start welcoming immigrants from 2017.

The country is expected to harbour a minimum of 300,000 immigrants following the need to ease economic pressure to an aging population, which is a major setback in some countries.

A report last week proposed a need to allow 450,000 immigrants annually, but was turned down and 300,000 was accepted.


The Immigration Minister said that the number of immigrants to be accepted is quite impressive as the rate is 40,000 above the historical norm.

Canada plans to make the 300,000 immigrants permanent and this will become the foundation for future growth.

Most of the people coming into the country may be from war torn countries and are probably seeking for jobs or an opportunity to start a new life.

The newcomers will include different persons ranging from children, refugees, parents of neutralized citizens and also those granted access on compassionate grounds.

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