Chidinma Okeke Declared Missing by Family?

Chidinma Okeke’s Family Reacts To Sex Scandal.

The Family of Embattled Ex Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke have raised alarm over the whereabouts of their daughter. In a telephone conversation with Chidinma’s father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke said: ‘We dont Know whether our Daughter is Alive or Dead’.

The report by Sun news online is shown below:

. . . Miss Chidinma Okeke, was said to have sworn to expose “the powerful cabal” behind her ordeal in the sordid video, but her lawyer later said that she could no longer address journalists because “her life had been threatened.”


Obidiegwu alleged that the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr Sam Okaula, had denied his client police protection for the press briefing on the grounds that the police got a short notice. “The Commissioner of Police said the notice was too short, and that he could not mobilise police security for the queen immediately” he said.

Chidinma Okeke's Family Reacts To Sex Scandal

According to a post she made on her Facebook wall, Chidinma said she had been warned not to step the venue or risk assassination.
It read: “Considering the need to make the world know the truth about the trending scandal, and what we have been going through before then and now, I decided to hold World Press Conference at the NUJ Press Centre, Awka today. But from the moment I made public this intention; I have been under siege of threats by my blackmailers and traducers.”

“They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if I ever open my mouth to say the real truth about the ugly episode. Since I have no protection and if I die now the truth would be buried forever, it’s my objective to sacrifice myself to save not just myself but other girls and other upcoming pageants by letting the world know the truth and what we go through” the post added.


For more than two weeks of the ugly development, all the concerned public could get was a chilling silence from her family. But Saturday Sun took a bumpy ride to Chidinma’s hometown of Ogboji.

On arrival, our reporter met the family residence under lock. The thick bush growing inside the compound easily discloses to any visitor that the family must be residing somewhere else in the city. But members of their extended family living in the next compound gave their words on the raging controversy.

Speaking to our reporter on the telephone, Chidinma’s father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke who is living in Aba, Abia State with his family, lamented that the family had been going through emotional and psychological trauma since it all started. With a voice laden with heavy emotions, the 65-year-old man told our reporter that the family had handed over the situation to God.

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