How DSS Compensated Missing Officers’ Families With N250,000

Families of Missing DSS Officers Get N250,000 From DSS.

After over one year of sorrows, pains and false hope, The DSS has finally alerted the wives of missing DSS officers that their husbands died as heroes in the line of duty.


A Missing DSS Officer’s family member wrote this:

On sat, 29th of October, The DSS gave each of the families 250,000 as their own support to go and bury their husbands, who according to them died as heroes in the line of duty.

When they asked about their bodies, they were told that they can’t locate their bodies.

The minister of information once said that most Nigerians spend up to 100,000 on a bottle of Champagne, so we ask, if the lives of these fallen heroes as they said,is worth only about two bottles of Champagnes? We pray and hope the families gets all their due benefice as they wallow in their pains.

Families of Missing DSS Officers Get N250,000 From DSS

Remember: Seven DSS officers went on a mission to rescue the kidnapped Wife Of Sun Newspapers Deputy MD on the 15th of September 2015. Since then up till now, no word or any form of contact from the 7 of them, while the woman was released two days later by the kidnappers.

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