Video: Peter Obi Speaks Fire At 5th Zik Annual Lecture

Video: Peter Obi Speaks Fire At 5th Zik Annual Lecture

Peter Obi’s Speech At 5th ZIK Lecture Series.

Ex Anambra Governor, Chief Peter Obi has delivered yet another powerful and fact-filled speech today at the just concluded 5th ZIK Annual lecture Series held in Awka

Obi, who has become popular for his oratory after his speech at the Platform on 2016 Independence Day has set another media fire today after calling Atiku Abubakar the “Future President of Nigeria”.

Peter Obi's Speech At 5th ZIK Lecture Series

See best Quotes and Video from Peter Obi’s Speech below:

Quote 1

“If you have not created wealth, you can’t manage wealth. The problem with Nigeria politicians is that they leave office, ended up doing nothing except waiting for the next 4 years to create confusion in the elections.”

Quote 2

“Indian college of technology has produced billionaires all over India while Yaba college of technology has lost all accreditation and IMT is gradually turning to institute of madness and torture. “

See Video below:

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