Woman Finds Missing Husband After 23 Years With Dead Man’s Name

Linda Iseler Finds Missing Husband Bearing Dead Man’s Name.

Woman finds her husband, after being missing for 23 years, living with new wife and dead man’s name.

59-year-old Linda Iseler had for 23 years wondered why her husband Richard Hoagland, abruptly left her and their two sons.

People Magazine reports that she was met with a rude shock three months ago when she received a phone call informing her of Hoagland’s arrest for identify theft.

Linda Iseler Finds Missing Husband Bearing Dead Man's Name

Linda Iseler, Husband and Their Two Sons

Hoagland was arrested on July 20 in Pasco County, Florida, after allegedly stealing the identity of Terry Symanski, a Florida man who drowned in 1991.

A bewildered Iseler said, “I’ve had a real upheaval of feelings and emotions. Some of this stuff that I thought I was over — it has come back.”

After Hoagland’s arrest it was discovered that he had a new name, was married to a new wife, and had another child.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a news conference, “This guy is a coward. He left a family behind. It’s sad for the victims all around.”

Meanwhile, Iseler who is now remarried wants to know why he walked out.

“I wanted to know why. “Why did [Hoagland] walk out? How could he do it?”


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