How Nigerian Men Lead Teenagers To Prostitution – Chucks Wisdom Cee

How Nigerian Men Lead Teenagers To Prostitution

A Facebook User, Chucks Wisdom Cee relates how Nigerian Men has turned young teenage girls to prostitutes, Read his post below…

Are You One of these MEN? You are the Society’s worst Nightmare!

Recently, I travelled home to see my people over the holidays and I found out that a lot of changes have taken place overtime where I grew up.

Of the many changes, one caught my attention the most; the way Young girls (Teenagers) view/treat guys way older than them in my area.

You’ll cross paths with a kid you know when she was born, when she started talking, walking and even going to school and she’ll make eye contact with you, even fixes her gaze on you expecting you to ‘greet’ her first and if you don’t, she ignores you and walk past.

The worst part of the experience is that this same chap was all shades of humble and respectful few years back willing to run errands and obey whomever as long as you look older.

Those days they attach titles such as ‘brother’, ‘uncle’, or ‘dede’ to your name to express respect for you.

This my little experience repeated itself with many other girls of same age and i began to wonder;

What has Changed? What happened to these good kids?

I discovered the simple reason for their actions.

The reason is MEN!

These desperate men act as predators to these young ‘preys’ who become victims just because they have started growing ‘bres’ and ‘nyash’.
What a Nightmare!

Once a teenage girl reaches puberty, starts developing body parts, her problem has begun.

These shameless men, some old enough to be their fathers appear from all ends of the earth pestering the young girls, promising them ‘heaven and earth’ and all other things their brains are not yet ready to process just to have a taste of their ‘innocence’.

nigerian teenage girl

These men leave their families, step all out to ‘catch them young’, spending lavishly on these kids, buying phones, accessories and gadgets they are not yet ready to use just to entice them.

Some of the girls who fall prey become indifferent towards the entire male folks viewing them as nothing but ‘morons’ who would do anything just to have a taste of the ‘cookie’.

Their lives become shattered, some get pregnant at home, others begin a premature sexual journey, others become prostitutes. To the very few who held uptight and escape this awful experience, respect for the opposite sex (be you 50 or 25) vanishes.

More often than not, they view all men as the same.

“Tell me, How would you expect me to respect that small boy when a 50 year old is asking me out, ready to do anything for me?”

A high school girl will say “I can never date someone who is still in school, what can he offer me?”

My dear, nothing o! Afterall, you have seen it all….what else is left.

What happens afterward is a story for another chapter.

If you are a young guy and these ‘little’ girls in your area disrespect you, expect you to greet them first, here is a quick one for you…..

The next time you see any of them, make sure you call her “Mama” before you say a word of greeting. Afterall, she might be screwing someone old enough to be your father.

If you are one of these MEN, you are the Society’s worst Nightmare!

Written by Chucks Wisdom Cee

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