“If God Can Humbly Rescind on His Decision, Who The Heck Are You”


By Chikwendu Wisdom

I came across a story in the Bible today, the account of King Hezekiah, one of the great kings of the Jews.

His ways at one time was really bad and filthy. Consequently, he took ill.

He was seriously sick to the point of death. God sent Prophet Isaiah to minister to him.

ministering to him, Isaiah asked that he gave his last instructions to his family, that God has said He won’t survive from his ailment because he disobeyed him.

That was a clear warning. God has condemned him to Death!

Hezekiah got back to his senses, fell down to the earth and started weeping.

He ripped his garment while begging that God forgives him.

The almighty saw his heart and intentions and lifted the sentence.

Wow! The ‘almighty God’ could humble himself and revert his Judgement? Incredible!

Similar incidents happened In Nineveh where Jonah was sent to preach, what about to king David, Solomon and others? Countless examples of such in the bible.

Reading the Bible account made me remember a very personal experience.

I had a really close friend whom we grew up together but towed different paths. He had a passion for reggae music, he would always dress like Bob Marley, had dreads and always wore that ‘rastaman’ looks.

This was truly condemnable in our area then, to parents, he was a bad influence. He even smoked all in the bid to get inspiration to sing like Lucky dube. However, he wasn’t so successful at it due to environmental factors.

Everyone rejected the guy even his OWN Family on account that he has been asked to denounce the lifestyle but he blatantly refused.

Years later, his eldest brother became successful, became a ‘born-again’ and trained all his other siblings except him. He would call his elder brother on Phone and his calls got rejected all because he was a ‘rastaman’. He simply disowned him and refused to help him.

The Guy later changed his ways and contacted his parents to tell them he has adopted the conventional lifestyle they always wanted.

The parents were really happy, they told him to prove he has changed by cutting his dreads. He hastily did.

They sent for his ‘born-again’ elder brother and a family meeting was held.

My friend was now a very ‘normal’ guy without the dreads, he said he wanted to go to school and embrace God and become successful like his uncle.

His brother shocked everyone, he stated it there that even if he had a cup of water that could save his life, even in his grave, he wont offer him. That he disgraced the family.

Everyone begged the Young man and he unapologetically refused to listen. He even warned that no one ever convenes such meetings ever again if its to discuss the ‘wayward’ boy.

Ever since then, my friend kept reaching out to him but kept meeting closed doors.

As a Christian,

Do you have this unforgiving attitude even when your offender has shown serious remorse and tendered apologies?

Do you still harbor resentment even when the other person has let go of the grudge and come to make peace?

Then, I must say you don’t Know who you are claiming to worship because God will never condone an unforgiving spirit.

Hope You had a Great Sunday!

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