“Elections Must Hold in Anambra; We are Part of Nigeria” – Ohanaeze Counters Nnamdi Kanu

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  1. Birafra boy says:

    Sorry sir but your comment is not a nice one at all. When we are been killed by so called Nigeria where were you sir? U were no where to be finded. U never said anything about d killing for long, just now that birafra have a leader u come out on social media just to be recognized. Now d politicies has plead with you to talk to igbos and u are here saying nonsense, sir are you with us or u are against us? No election and that is final. All ur children are in USA schooling and u are eating Nigeria money leaving ur people to die and you are here to address us in other to build ur political Carrie. Shame on u sir

  2. Uchebiafra says:

    That is another lie if boycotting an election is ronge please tell us what to do how to do it and when to do it. If can’t tell us then let’s wait till that day

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