Meet 90-Year-Old Woman Who Claims She is Still a Virgin (Pics)

Meet 90-Year-Old Woman Who Claims She is Still a Virgin (Pics)

Meet 90-Year-Old Nigerian Virgin.

A Nigerian Woman, Agnes Akpan, aged 90, from Akwa Ibom State has claimed she has never had sex in her entire life.

According to a Vanguard report, the woman revealed that she has  never had s*x with any man in her life, not even in the dream world.

The woman reputed to have raised over 50 children at Ikot Udobia community, Etinan Local government area, Akwa Ibom State, was recently honoured by the people for her enviable life and devotion to humanity.


Saint Pius Catholic Church, Ikot Udobia, venue of the thanksgiving service was full to capacity and the town agog, as community members assembled to make merry with the nonagenarian, who lived her life nursing children she did not give birth to.
Madam Agnes Narrates her What her s* life has been like:
“I have never known anything like man in my entire life, not to talk of a husband. I have never been married, no relationship with any man, no boyfriend even when I was young. I have never slept with any man as far as my memory can carry me, not even in my dream state.
“I was born partially blind, no man saw anything good in me, so I grew up without the feeling of a man. When I was much younger, reverend sisters staying at the Convent School at Ikot Udo Ntuen made me to embrace Christianity. Every Sunday, they came to our house to pick me and brought me back in the evening. Those were the kind of friends that I had. No immoral discussion, it was all about Holy Mary and the child of God, Jesus.

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