DSTV Showing E16 or E19 Error? See How To Fix Error

How To Remove DSTV E16 or E19 Errors. Ever hit a dead end on your DSTV decoder and this “rubbish” error pops up and you feel like smashing the remote controller? Don’t worry, We are here for you.

No one likes seeing these error messages, but from time-to-time it may appear on your decoder.

How To Remove DSTV E16 or E19 Errors

If you see an E16 or E19 error message you can remove it quickly & easily via SMS or our website.

Basic Tips / Requirements

Have your SmartCard number handy!
Keep your SmartCard inserted with your decoder switched on at all times.

Step 1: Using SMS

After making payment for your subscription, simply text the word ‘RESET’ along with your ‘SmartCard Number’ to the number – 30333


Text: RESET ********* to 30333

****** Represents your Smart Card Number

This sends a message to DSTV to reset your decoder and clear the error message.

-Culled From NGYab

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