YouTube Go App Launched in Nigeria – See How To Get App

How To Use YouTube Go App in Nigeria.

Foremost Online Streaming App, YouTube has announced the new YouTube Go! App is now officially available for the initial public download in Nigeria after a very long wait. See How to Download, install and use the Youtube Go! App below.

What is YouTube Go! App

For those who are not familiar with the YouTube Go – it’s an app from Google in which you can stream that your favorite music video or song on youtube without giving a glitch about your data.

With YouTube Go app it’s reduces the amount of data you have to burn just to watch that video.

YouTube Go has been designed to take into account the challenges faced by YouTube users in countries like Nigeria, such as data cost and connectivity.

How To Use YouTube Go App in Nigeria

Why Youtube Go! App Was Made Available For Nigerians

Announcing the Apps availability for Nigerians, the Source said:

With YouTube Go, we are making it possible for everyone in Nigeria to be able to discover videos that they love, regardless of their network status or data consumption preferences.” 

With more Nigerians coming online every year, and most of them only using their mobiles for internet access, we are working hard to make products that are tailored to Nigerians’ specific needs. 

“You can save videos for offline watching, and can choose what resolution video to save – basic quality or standard quality – giving you better control over how you use your precious data.”, he added.

The YouTube Go is built to meet the online needs of the growing youth population. Apart from saving your data, there are other amazing YouTube Go features you will like.

It features a home screen that shows both personalized recommendations as well as trending and popular videos nearby, allowing users to see the latest content that the people around are watching, upfront. It offers a ‘preview video’ function (a feature that is only available on PC) to make it easier to decide what to watch or download.

YouTube Go also offers easy video downloading, phone-number sign-in, effortless searching, and more effective ways to control data usage. Instead of streaming a video of 12.5MB, with YouTube Go you can stream that same video with just 1.5MB.

How To Download The New Youtube Go! App

To Download the Youtube Go! app, click the link below:

Click to Download Youtube Go! App

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