Seen The Looters List FG Released? The Names Will Shock You!

IPOB Makes Nations Believe There is Genocide in Nigeria - FG
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  1. Emmanuel Mathew says:

    Am not a politician, but I have identified Apc problem. The reason why they couldn’t perform up to expectations is that they don’t want to accept responsibility instead they goes about witch hunting their opponents for 3year. This will be the reason why Apc will lose come 2019.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Great Comment. We appreciate you sharing your views.

      However, how sure is anyone that APC will lose come 2019?

  2. Kate says:

    though I am not a politician, my own is that every recovered looted money should be well accounted for. not after telling us the millions and billions recovered, it will end up where others ended up, i.e – being re-looted.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thats the desire of Every patriotic Nigerian. Thanks for airing your views.

  3. Nnanna Udo says:

    All this names mentioned are innocent , unless proven guilty in the court of law.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Exactly. Thats why the word ‘alleged’ was used

  4. Thommmy Lawrence says:

    Nobody could be surprise about since all APC members are saint …yeye rubbish

  5. Emmanuel Akpan says:

    If we continue blaming other for what has already been done Nigeria we remain were it is now. Proper orientation I know for sure is the therapy that will cure Nigeria from this ailment. Ask a common Nigerian what he/she will eventually do if he becomes the president the answer will prove what I just said God help Nigeria

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