TONI IWOBI: Full Profile of Immigrant & Italy’s first Black Senator

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Against the political permutations of Italian politics, the European country of Italy has ‘unbelievably’ elected its first black senator, Toni Chike Iwobi, a Nigerian immigrant who is a member of the country’s far-right, anti-immigrant League party. This post highlights the full Biography and Profile  of Toni Iwobi below.

Mr Toni Iwobi, the head of the party’s immigration department, was elected on Sunday (March 4) in Brescia, an industrial city in northern Italy after being a Councillor for the party in 1995.


Toni Iwobi is one out of 12 kids born to a Roman Catholic Family.


Toni Chike Iwobi completed a degree in economics with specialization in marketing and business management in Manchester, UK, then went to Italy on a student visa, where he obtained a degree in accounting in Treviglio.

He also has higher degrees (laurea) in computer science from USA and Italy


Toni Iwobi is happily married to an Italian Wife and has two children.

Political Career

A supporter of federalism, which he knew from Nigeria, Toni Iwobi became a member of Lega Nord, where he was particularly inspired by Gianfranco Miglio.

In 1993, he was elected municipal Councillor for the party in Spirano, a position he held until 2014.

From 2010 to 2014 he also served as assessor with responsibility for social services

In the Italian general election, 2018 he was elected to the Italian Senate, becoming the first black person to take seat in the Senate.

Toni Iwobi Profile

Anti-Immigration Controversy

Known for his support for stringent immigration laws, Toni Iwobi is a member of the country’s far-right, anti-immigrant League party.

However a video has surfaced where the first black senator vowed to deport all immigrants who are living in Italy illegally most especially his fellow Nigerians.

Nigeria has the highest number of immigrants in Italy, last year alone over 17,000 crossed the Mediterranean sea into Italy.

Watch video below:

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