The Archbishop of Canterbury Couldn’t Bear It Anymore, See What He Told Buhari in London

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  1. Josh says:

    It is so sad to face the true situation of things in Nigeria.
    But why the Buhari led administration isn’t doing “anything” worthwhile to remedy the situations is because they have a self motivated agenda and aims to extract from all the happenings.

    No wonder they give deaf ears to the active things happening. All they do is to stage a self defense and accuse others of things they don’t want to take responsibility for.
    They claim they are the saints, pointing finger at the dirty ones whereas, they are the worst of it all.

    Regarding the matter of insecurity relating to Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen, it is clearly suspicious to deduce that the Buhari led administration (or some of its members) are the ones behind the mayhem, to sponsor, promote and make things worst in a bid to fight and subjugate for the cause of him who may be weak to do so for himself. What a shame!

    But talking about Leah, they have cleared our doubts that the issue is all religious.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. Olive Johnson O. says:

    It is very painful that this administration has done nothing worthwhile to think of coming back in 2019. As long as Nigerians are unnecessarily sentimental on important issues, we can never grow even if we live up to current age of America. #THINKTWICE

  3. Okite Johnson O. says:

    It is very painful that administration that have done nothing worthwhile is thinking of coming back 2019. Is very unfortunate that Nigerians are unnecessarily sentimental about importunt issues. With the mentality and manners in which Nigerians defend people who unleash bad governance on their followers is very devilish and self-centered, probably because of their personal interest and gain.God is watching. If Nigeria live up to the current years America is present, we will still be where we are today. If we don’t call a spade a spade. #THINKTWICE.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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