Flash! Sen. Bukola Saraki Declares For 2019 Presidency?

Has Bukola Saraki Joined PDP
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  1. Adedokun Abiodun Adelere says:

    Yes,I want by the grace of God.I rebit yes,I want sent,Bukola Saraki as nest Nigerian president under flag of PDP.thanks

    1. Jude c Ezigbo says:

      Sarai with an Igbo as vice will win hands down .This is prophecy.Take it from me.

  2. Ugwu Samuel says:

    Yes, he can with Obasanjo party.

  3. Sunny Fredrick says:

    Yes he can try his luck. He is young, full of life and accommodating.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      We appreciate you views. Thanks for commenting

  4. Ganiyu Musbau Adebayo says:

    The Senate president has what it take to govern Nigeria. I support the idea and I will continue to support him with prayer.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Good one. Hope your PVC is ready!

  5. Olu Gyibrilla says:

    Yes I think Senator Bukola Saraki stands a good chance by reason of how he had led the Senate in the last three years.If not for his wisdom, Nigeria would have turned to a total dictatorship by now.
    Let Saraki go on with his ambition to be President of Nigeria.He is more preferable than those who have declared their intention so far. When God days yes, nobody can stop him.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  6. Olu Gyibrilla says:

    Go on and may the Almighty God direct you.

  7. Koleola Abdul says:

    What has been his achievement as Senate president. He cannot cut the homungous allowances of the senators despite the complaints of Nigerians. He is not a patriotic Nigerian. We don’t want looters please

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks. We appreciate your views.

  8. Arab says:

    Saraki is a good material, But Let him wait for 2023 sure for him

  9. austin says:

    I Love distinguish senator bukola saraki with passion senator Am at your back u must win i Love

  10. James cross says:

    Saraki has what it takes to run for presidency over other candidates, under him Nigeria will have a positive change economic wise

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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