VIDEO: Los Angeles Gang Members Caught Beating Up Black Woman, Yelling “F*ck Africa!”

Video – Los Angeles Gang Beat Up African Woman.

A Los Angeles Gang has Streamed a LIVE VIDEO showing how they assaulted a Black woman, yelling “F*ck Africa”, asking her to “Go Back To Africa”. See VIDEO Below.

According to popular US Blog, Media Takeout, who obtained the exclusive LIVE FEED, the gang members appeared to assault an African immigrant woman – simply because they believed she was wearing rival gang colors

MTO News gathered that the alleged gang members did the assault ON LIVESTREAM. Watch below.

The video which appeared on Youtube, showed a group of 4 teenagers livestreaming a crime spree, that included the BRUTAL ASSAULT of a woman.

Here’s the video “Los Angeles gang members Beat up African Woman”  (starts at 7:51)

But the assault may also be considered a “hate crime.” After beating the woman, and hearing her accent – the teens yelled at the woman to “Go Bank To Africa.”

The teenagers claim to be affiliated with the local Rollling 20s Blood set in Los Angeles.


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