Men, Here’s 10 Reasons Why You No Longer Last Long In Bed (+ Solutions)

Why You Don't Last Long In Bed
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  1. Victor says:

    Hello what is the solutions

    1. MNI Admin says:

      The solutions are simple…For the psychological problems, solve them by taking care of your emotions first before engaging in a s.e.x.ual encounter with your spouse.

      For example, If you are over excited to jump into bed with your partner, just take your mind off it for a while. Do something else you love just for a second like playing a game with your phone, thinking about your day at work, etc. This will reduce the over-excitement and hence, you’ll last longer.

      For the health related issues, just visit a doctor, run some tests, and treat yourself.

      Thanks for commenting…

      Best Regards.

      1. Oyebode moruff says:

        I Dont Have feeling for my wife to having sex, wot can i do

        1. MNI Admin says:

          You need to re-access yourself. Send us a mail at for some questions you need to answer.

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