Shocking! How I Paid Back Lecturer Who Swore I Will Never Graduate After 6 Years – Nigerian man

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Response from Department of Pure and Applied Biology

    This story which has gone viral in the last few weeks is just a sensational and warped narrative.

    The Department has conducted investigation on the matter and the case sent to Senate for appropriate action(s).

    Nevertheless, it suffices to provide the following:

    1. There is nothing like BIO 106 in our curriculum
    2. His first time in Biology lab would be interpreted for BIO 103 (first semester at 100 level), which he passed at 100 level at first sitting.
    3. He was to take four courses in Biology (2 theoretical- BIO 101 & 102; 2 practicals- BIO 103 & 104); three of which he passed at 100 level with “E”.
    4. There was no evidence of registration for BIO 104 at 100 level, which he didn’t register for (even when he had opportunities to do so) until in his extra year, where he also got “E”.
    5. Based on (4) above, there was no evidence of registration or failing for 6 consecutive six years. He sat for Biology only at 100 level and in his extra year.
    6. He scored “E” in the four courses. So, the claim of scoring “A” in any Biology course is untrue.

    7. Nobody can Chair practical committee in the Department for six consecutive years.
    8. The claim that he registered for some additional courses to boost his CGPA is a huge lie. In the first semester of his extra year, he only sat for his several failed courses in different departments (Computer Sci & Engr, Mechanical Engr, Civil Engr & Elect/Elect Engr) at lower levels. He was actually a weak student, having graduated with a 3rd Class degree from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering after spending six years in the University.

    9. He was pointing accusing finger to a certain Muslim lecturer. But, it would interest us that not one of them in the Department has a daughter grown up to be eligible to mark WAEC (not even any child). For the only one that has a grown up daughter, the lady has not been in this country for more than 20 years.
    10. Nobody in the Department has been involved in the marking of WAEC in the last ten (10) years, whether Muslim or Christian lecturers.
    11. So, the WAEC story does not stand.

    12. The most reasonable thing about the story is that probably he sought for assistance for BIO 104 which was the only outstanding course for him at the end of first semester of his extra year, but his request was turned down. So, he had to sit for it in the second semester. That might be his problem with the Department. But, did he expect anyone to manufacture marks for him?
    13. The named lecturer in his Department was contacted but she denied discussing anything of such with any student.
    14. It is inconceivable that someone would be failed by a person for five years and the matter won’t be reported at any level.

    15. All efforts to reach him and his next of kin proved abortive as calls were not picked.

    16. Department has demanded Senate to take action on the issue as a matter of urgency.

    Thank you.

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