FULL VIDEO: President Buhari Saying “Nigerian Youths Are Lazy”

Buhari React To Fayemi Victory At Ekiti Election 2018
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  1. Daniel Osinlu says:

    Well, I would not say I am happy and I would say its partly true of what PMB said. As for me, I am not part of the Nigerins that are lazy, uneducated and not Ready to work, dependant on oil money. I am hardworking. I am wiling and ready to work to earn money. So, I am not angry. If u actually see from the point of 80% Hausa’s or Muslims and also 70% Igbo’s , also 5% of Yoruba Muslims these are the set of Nigerians he his talking about. So, in summary, 70% Nigerians are Lazy, not hardworking, not willing to work to earn money etc.

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