‘My Wife Slept With My Gateman Few Months After Marriage Because..’ – Doctor Makes Shocking Confession

How I Caught My Wife With My Gateman - Nigerian Doctor
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  1. Tokunbo Owoseni says:

    If the man could get a good woman, sex is nothing although it is part of life but not to the extent of sleeping with your husband driver or gate man. If you find a true Love, your woman will take or have you for who you are. Sex is not the end of the world.

    1. MNI Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Us.

    2. Lisa J. says:

      This is about good or bad woman.Sex plays a very vital roll in marriage. it settles so many issues. Apart from loving each other, they need sex to compliment and seal their love. She cannot be burning with desire in the name of good woman. So let us tell each other the truth.

      1. MNI Admin says:

        Are you suggesting she did the right thing? What about helping her husband become a better man in bed?

        1. Emmanuel says:

          But the man is not even home most times so how would she help him get better

          1. MNI Admin says:

            She know’s the kind of job he does before marrying him now

      2. Emmanuel says:

        Yes ooo you re right but may be not with the driver

    3. Nwasouth says:

      Yes my dear sexy is just fun n true love is forever

      1. MNI Admin says:

        If sex is just fun, what is the essence of marriage?

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